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Steve York

Stephen York - National Sales Manager - Australia & New Zealand 

Stephen is the National Sales Manager for the Albatross Tours and has been in the role for 9 years looking after all trade relationships across Australia and New Zealand. Being in the industry for over 30 years (yes, he claims to have started when he was 8 years old!) Stephen’s background includes managing travel agents, running call centres, airline roles, plus an extensive time in sales roles. In addition to overseeing our fantastic BDM team and all sales activities in the region, Stephen also looks after territories in South Australia, parts of Queensland, and Christchurch.

A passionate ambassador for Albatross Tours, Stephen loves the unique position that Albatross Tours has in the European touring sector. “Selling Albatross Tours is so easy. The integrity of what we do is so vital, and with our trade partners working alongside us, we will continue to grow, plus offer clients the opportunity to experience truly remarkable holidays.”


  • Favourite Albatross Tour: Austrian White Christmas and La Grande France
  • Favourite European Country: Austria & France
  • Favourite European Food: Bouillabaisse soup

Samantha Tamba – Business Development Manager

Sam's career in travel only began 7 short years ago as a travel consultant. She then fittingly stepped into the role of BDM 5 years ago catering to our QLD. Northern NSW and New Zealand North Island trade clients.

"My passion from the start was touring, and being European I have lived there myself for several years. Europe is such an amazing continent with the vast array of cultures, history, geography, and of course the passion of the people who live there. I am extremely grateful to be part of a company that takes pride and care of its team, our trade partners, and our guests as if we are all a part of the same family."


  • Favourite Albatross Tour: Black Forest, Bavaria & the Tyrol because of its beautiful fairytale like lands & warm peopleBlack Forest, Bavaria & the Tyrol because of its beautiful fairytale like lands & warm people
  • Portugal because of its proud history
  • Favourite European Food: Being a sweet tooth it would have to be the Czech donut ice cream in Prague

Les Cox – Sales

Les has sold and participated with a variety of coach touring brands such as Hertz, Trafalgar, Contiki and AAT Kings for over 30 years. "Albatross is the company that I would personally choose to travel with. I totally believe that this is the company that has got 'how to tour Europe' 100% right and they actually care about their guests."


  • Favourite Albatross Tour: Christmas in Zermatt
  • Favourite European Country: Italy
  • Favourite European Food: Italian Food