Vaccinations - No one refused them, back then

So, you want to travel?

Well, we know that will be impossible for us unless most Australians get vaccinated.

Now some of you want everyone to get vaccinated so you can travel. That makes sense. But you know, in the past, we all wanted everyone to get vaccinated to keep us all alive.

Two good reasons – the Freedom to Travel, and the Freedom for families, friends and loved ones to live.

Tragically so many people are too reliant on social media scare tactics and misinformation. But go back 30, 50, 70, 100 years, and there was no social media. Just the horrific facts that surrounded people daily. Based on that, no one refused vaccinations back then.

I recently read a fantastic article in ‘the Guardian’ putting vaccinations into perspective.
Called  ‘No concept of how awful it was’: the forgotten world of pre-vaccine childhood in Australia’ you can find it here on this link.

Please read it.

And if you feel it has merit, and you have any friends or family who are reluctant to get their Covid jabs as soon as possible, maybe send it to them? You could save their lives.

No one refused them then. So why on earth would you refuse them now?


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Euan Landsborough

Euan Landsborough is the Managing Director and Tour Designer at Albatross Tours