Traveller Story: Up in the Alps

Kimberly travelled on our An Alpine Adventure tour as a solo traveller in September 2017. Kimberly loved travelling through the Alps and seeing the breathtaking scenery, especially from the Aiguille du Midi.


Chamonix - The French Apls - Courtesy of Kimberly Phillips


Kimberly Phillips

What tour did you travel on?


When did you travel? 

September, 2017

Why did you select this particular tour?

This tour has so much to offer, it visits the French Alps,  The Bernese Oberland, and covered a little taste of Italy.


Who did you travel with?

Solo traveller

Have you travelled with Albatross Tours previously?

This was my first Albatross tour

What was your favourite places on your Albatross tour?

My Favorite place would have to be Chamonix, it was so picture perfect.


What was the most amazing thing you saw or did on your Albatross tour?

The most amazing things I saw... well there were so many! however I would say the Aiguille du Midi at 3,842 metres high it was just breathtaking to see.. just as if you were on top of the world.


Tell us about your most memorable moment on tour?

Most memorable moment would have to be in  Grindelwald. I went up the Mountain First on one of my free days then rode back down on a little 3 wheeler bike, it was amazing and so much fun to do.


What was your favourite meal on tour?

It would have to be the last night of the tour, little place in Milan called Mamma Rosa, the food was as if a the mamma was in the kitchen cooking for us! It's a little hidden treasure.


What advice do you have for anyone interested in travelling on this tour?

Well I would say, when travelling up to the Aiguille du Midi there are 2 parts of the mountain I didn't think I would suffer from altitude sickness. However on the top of this amazing mountain there are look out points which have stairs, please take your time as I felt dizzy and sick climbing up to the look out point, but once I rested for 10 minutes I was fine.


Would you recommend this tour to family and friends? If so, why?

I would most definitely recommend this tour. As a single passenger I never felt alone, the group I was with always made me feel a big part of all the day trips. I made a lot of new friends and will be travelling again soon.


Have you travelled with Albatross previously?

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