Magnifico Moments You Can’t Miss in Spain

If you distilled the essence of Spain into a single word, that word would be passion. From the fabulous flamenco dancers to the thriving bars and restaurants, Spanish culture is as zesty as the nation’s famous tapas and wines. While every stunning day spent on holiday in this country is sure to delight you, there are certain experiences here that simply cannot be missed.

We asked Alyson Long from the World Travel Family blog for her thoughts on Spain:

“Spain is a country not just of passion, but of magnificent flamboyance. You can see it in Spanish art, food, architecture or in the beautiful and easy-to-learn language. Stunning sites, colours and flavours await you wherever you go.”

And we couldn’t agree more! Here are 4 magnifico moments you can enjoy time after time in Spain.

Wandering Through Santa Cruz, Seville

Imagine a labyrinth of quaint alleyways, charming plazas, historic buildings, and balconies overhead overflowing with vibrant flowers. This is the day-to-day scenery enjoyed by visitors to the Santa Cruz quarter of Seville. This district of Andalusia’s capital city is home to an array of charming churches, including the beautiful Cathedral of Seville.

Top tip: While it’s easy to lose track of time in this enchanting maze of streets and sights, try to keep a couple of hours up your sleeve for visiting some nearby monuments.

Alcazar, Seville

Enjoying Authentic Tapas

There’s a good reason this culinary sensation has taken off around the world. Tapas are delicious, satisfying and bite-sized, and there’s an amazing variety of tastes and textures they can incorporate. If you like tapas at home, you’re going to adore them in Spain – after all, this is where they originated. Will you treat yourself to garlic shrimp and fried squid rings? Or maybe you’re more tempted by Spanish omelette and ham croquettes. Spain offers travellers a world of tapas to explore.

Alyson says: “My chef husband claims to have never tasted seafood dishes so incredibly fresh, flavourful and perfectly executed as the tapas we sampled in Spain.”

Top tip: Enjoying tapas in Spain isn’t just about the yummy food. For the complete experience, you must embrace the bar culture that this country is renowned for. Strike up conversation with the friendly locals and soak in the laidback vibes. You’re in Spain – no stress allowed!

Tapas in Spain

Exploring El Valle de los Caidos

The Valley of the Fallen is a somewhat sombre place to visit (as you might expect from its name). However, it’s a stop that we would recommend for anyone touring Spain – and it’s a must-see for Christian travellers especially. This gorgeous woodland valley is home to the underground Basílica de la Santa Cruz, Art Deco angel statues equipped with swords, and the world’s tallest crucifix.

Top tip: El Valle do los Caidos pairs well with a visit to the nearby San Lorenzo de El Escorial, which is why it’s a great idea to see them both in the same day. The mysterious atmosphere of the Valley of the Fallen contrasts perfectly with the unabashed grandiosity of the El Escorial palace.

El Valle de Los Caidos, Spain

Climbing the Bell Tower of Cádiz Cathedral

Cádiz is a gorgeous seaside city with lively streets, beautiful buildings and brilliant beaches. One of the best ways to witness this large town’s full panoramic scope is to ascend the bell tower in Cádiz Cathedral. Upon reaching the top, you’ll be greeted by incomparable views of the city and sea.

Top tip: Don’t rush to the bell tower too quickly! The cathedral itself is absolutely stunning. Take some time to admire its exquisite architecture and art, then reflect with a cold drink in the neighbouring plaza.

With the border so close, it’s tempting to take a couple days’ detour into Portugal. And why not? This nation has some similarities to Spain, yet also boasts plenty of unique attractions and experiences. Luckily, if you’re travelling on our Magnifico Tour, you won’t have to choose – our itinerary takes you to the highlights of both countries. Discover more about what these delightful destinations have to offer on our Spain and Portugal pages.

Cadiz, Spain