A Touch of Sun in Italy and France

Who says you can’t get a tan on a European holiday? The Albatross Tours Provence and Tuscany to Umbria tour is a sun-drenched summer experience through four evocative and unique regions of France and Italy. Over eighteen days, we travelled by train, coach and boat through the incredibly scenic countryside, stopping at some of the most charming medieval villages you could imagine!

The Tour

This leisurely paced tour explores the Provence region of France before crossing the border to discover the treasures of the Tuscany and Umbria regions in Italy. It’s a special tour itinerary that explores the famous sites you’d expect, but is also unafraid to wander off the beaten path to visit some lesser known but equally stunning destinations.

Our time in Provence was certainly the highlight of the tour for me. I was so excited to visit Europe again after 20 years, and my experience in Provence certainly didn’t let me down. The landscape is dotted with countless lavender fields, pine forests, olive groves and vineyards – there’s a stunning vista to enjoy around every corner. Many of the towns and villages were settled thousands of years ago, so they’re full of history and intrigue. Many of the towns are actually Roman structures built on top of Greek ruins!

Impeccable Dining

Like many travellers, I was completely blown away by the dining experiences on this tour. The food was expertly crafted from local fare, the wines were rich and delectable, and the restaurants and cafes were always in such stunning locations.

If I had to pick a favourite dining experience from the trip, it would have to be the meal we enjoyed on the river in Avignon (although the eight course Italian banquet in Tuscany comes pretty close). It was truly magical to enjoy a quiet break over a meal, looking along the peaceful river to the impressive medieval fortress and papal palace.

I was also really impressed that beer and wine were included with every meal. It’s amazing how much more relaxing a glass of wine is when you haven’t had to reach for your wallet to pay for it!

Don’t Forget Hat and Sunscreen

Sunscreen and a hat is absolutely vital for this tour, so don’t leave them at home or in your hotel. You’re there to soak in the sites and atmosphere of Provence, Tuscany and Umbria, but with consistently sunny days reaching close to 28 degrees Celsius, you’re also going to soak up a lot of UV! Make sure you take sun protection with you each day and reapply it as necessary.

Pack your swimmers too. The Calanques of Cassis and beaches of Cinque Terre are some of the most stunning swimming spots I have ever seen. I would have hated to miss out on a dip in such a beautiful location just because I’d forgotten my swimmers!

Albatross Tour’s Provence and Tuscany to Umbria tour packages visit some of the most beautiful areas of France and Italy. While moving at a comfortable pace, you’ll experience the fishing towns and mountain villages, the flower markets and Calanques that have made countless tourists fall in love with Provence, Tuscany and Umbria.

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Stephen York

Stephen York is the National Sales Manager at Albatross Tours