3 Not-So-Typical Tips for Touring in Europe

Whether you’re exploring the Swiss Alps or luxuriating in an Italian castle, a Europe tour makes for an unforgettable experience during summer, over Christmas, or any other time of the year. Perhaps you’ll shop for souvenirs in the exquisite markets of Germany and Austria. Or maybe you’ll enjoy a romantic gondola ride through the waterways of Venice. With so many possibilities, it’s no surprise that European tours are so popular year after year!

If you have booked or are planning a holiday in Europe, no doubt you want to make it as memorable as possible. Here are my top 3 tips to help you do so – these are all things I discovered during my time travelling on an Albatross Christmas tour

Tip #1: First Aid Kit

It’s a great idea to travel with a little first-aid kit containing medicines such as cold and flu tablets, Vicks VapoDrops and Panadol, for example. Not all medicines are available over the counter in European pharmacies, so it’s handy to have your ‘essentials’ with you.

For instance, I found the strong Codral tablets I prefer weren’t available without a script. I also noticed that lozenges in Europe tend to be a bit weaker than what we’re used to at home, so you might want to bring your own!

Tip #2: Hard-Shell Suitcase

If you’re doing a Christmas tour of Europe, there’s a big chance you’ll be spending plenty of time (and maybe plenty of euros!) at the festive markets. And if you’re travelling in summer, it’s still quite likely you’ll end up buying a few items! If souvenir hunting is on your agenda, it’s a good idea to use luggage with a hard case. This will protect any snow globes, tea light candles or other breakable items you might buy.

I was able to buy a good-quality hard-shell suitcase for about $150, so this really is an affordable investment for anyone who plans to do some shopping abroad. Ideally, you’ll also want a bag that has more than enough space for your belongings at departure – because you’ll almost certainly return with more items than you left with!

Tip #3: Thongs and Swimmers

Hotel Amfora, Croatia

This tip is for anyone whose itinerary includes staying somewhere with a pool and/or spa. You’ll want to pack a pair of thongs and a second swimming outfit. The resort where I stayed provided scuff slippers, but these make your feet cold once they get wet. I was glad to swap these for thongs, which made getting around much more comfortable.

On leisure days in particular, resort pools can be very inviting – there’s a good chance you’ll want to take a dip more than once in a day! This means packing a second set of swimmers is a smart move. Even if you’re just having one swim a day, clothes don’t always dry quickly (especially in winter), so you’ll be glad to have another pair of togs on standby.

Unfortunately, none of these tips can prepare you for the most difficult thing about a European holiday… choosing which tour to go on! Luckily, you can’t really go wrong with this decision; they are all marvellous. Click here to compare your destination options.