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The appalling and senseless terrorist attacks in Brussels on the 22nd March 2016 fill me with sorrow and anger. Sorrow for the tragic loss of so many innocent people, and anger because it attacks western culture and there appears to be no gain or purpose for the perpetrators other than to wreak havoc and so gain notorious, free publicity. 
Sadly this tragic news has once again flooded our media and social environments and, rightly or wrongly, a rising degree of apprehension and fear nibbles away at European travellers and holiday makers. 
Your confidence is important to us. Albatross Tours take these matters very seriously. You will be pleased to know that our UK operational office, with over 100 staff on site, are local to the situation, using feedback both internally and through the pertinent authorities. Our people are over there!
Your safety and security underpins everything we do.  Whether selecting a hotel, planning a scenic coach drive or attending a major cultural event, our client safety, security, comfort and enjoyment always underpins all our actions. So we naturally we take it very seriously when monitoring and taking the pulse of what is happening in Europe.
No Albatross Tour departures have been affected. Whilst the future is, of course, unknown we are confident that the regional nature of our touring programmes provides everyone with that extra degree of safety and peace of mind. Adding additional confidence, I’d also like to point out all our 2016 European Summer tours are still guaranteed to depart as programmed.
Putting everything into perspective, 500 million people live and exist in Europe and the actual risk of harm from any similar event happening to any individual or prospective traveller is negligible. Yet, whipped up by the over sensationalized media, there is now this distortional fear, that has been generated by these malicious, headline grabbing terrorists. In my personal opinion, if you let these heinous, rare, publicity seeking acts overwhelm you and change your life, what you do, how you think and where you go…then you will have let them win. Please don’t pay them that tribute.
Euan Landsborough, ‘The Mo’
Managing Director, Albatross Tours
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Euan Landsborough

Euan Landsborough is the Managing Director and Tour Designer at Albatross Tours