Messages from our wonderful Albatross Tour Managers

Thank you to everyone that has expressed concern about our wonderful Tour Managers. They have been overwhelmed by your messages and appreciate your concerns.

The good news is our Tour Managers are doing just fine. Perhaps, feeling a little bit challenged staying at home for such a long period of time however they are looking forward to going back on the road and guiding you through Europe.

Here are some messages from just a few of our wonderful Tour Managers.



Albatross Tour Manager Katia

Dear Guests,   
This morning in Berlin, the sun shining through my window reminded me of the fond memories made from last year's awesome Albatross travels with you.   
I have too many favorites moments to list as many come to mind.
I remember with delight sharing a delicious picnic overlooking gorgeous vistas of southwestern France. I think of the many stunning colours of Mainau Island's flowers in Germany or of a magical evening dinner al fresco under the Sicomore trees in an old stone village on the Riviera.   
Memories of sunshine, of course, but memories of snow too (and of the excited look of a few of you seeing it for the first time). Do you remember welcoming Santa Claus on his sleigh in our little alpine village while we shared a mulled wine under the Christmas tree? 
You see, I wonder, can it really be called work if it is that enchanting and enjoyable? At least that's what I tell myself sometimes when I am having too much fun with my Albatross travellers. 
So until we travel together again,  I have put these experiences back in my bucket list of favorite things.  
To do. Again. 
And if you are like me and have a serious case of wanderlust, I hope you will too. 
Europe is a magnificent part of the world, and I am looking forward to welcoming you again very soon!
Warm wishes



Albatross Tour Manager Gina

To all my Albatross friends, our past guests, and our future guests, 
I send lots of greetings from Innsbruck, in Austria, where I am looking forward with confidence to the time in the not too distant future, when I can once again show you around our beautiful country... the mountains are waiting for you!
In the meantime stay happy, healthy, and optimistic.
We are gradually reducing our lockdown restrictions now, and I am keeping fit and healthy, and a walk around my local park is a real joy!
See you soon...


Albatross Tour Manager John

Dear Albatross Guests and Colleagues,
I hope you are all safe and sound and making the most of some valuable downtime at home. 
I have found that there are many advantages being at home and now spend my time dog-walking, cycling with our daughter, gardening and digging the allotment. I have lost weight without trying and have never felt healthier and more relaxed! The garden has never looked better, the bike probably needs a new set of tyres and I’m sure the dog’s legs are getting a bit shorter...
On the other side of the coin, life has been strange. Eerily quiet. A bit like waking up in a science fiction movie set 100 years ago. Apart from the internet that is -and thank goodness for that!  Together with the financial implications of not working, I do miss the travelling and especially taking out Albatross tours. I miss meeting groups at the first hotel, the conversations over dinner and showing people the many amazing places we go to with a serious ‘wow’ factor. Watching the guests’ reaction is what I like best about the job as a tour leader. It provides so much positive feedback and job satisfaction.
It now looks as though we are over the worst and things are slowly opening up and getting back to normal in both Europe and Australia. Definitely time to start look through the brochures and planning the next trip.
I look forward, like many others, to seeing you all again very soon. It will definitely be worth the wait!
With very best wishes,


Yasmina Albatross Tour Manager

Hello to my fellow New Zealanders and Australians
Here’s a beautiful day in May in the park in London where we go for strolls (as long as we socially distance ) and a bit of fresh air. Though I normally live in Rome, I came here to be with my mother in very early March to isolate together and take this opportunity to spend time with each other.
This is the first time I’ve not been on a tour for more than 6 weeks and it’s not all been bad. I’ve caught up on lots of books and films and feel well rested.
Thankfully my whole family and I are well and things are slowly but surely improving. I so look forward to touring with you all again and I hope everyone is keeping well.
Stay safe and well




Albatross Tour Manager Deryck

Hi to all our travellers from Australia and New Zealand,
Here in London we are seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel, but I think I still have time to cultivate the only edelweiss in Ealing.
I can’t wait to get back on the road, and surely will appreciate our rich cultural heritage even more than before, when I do.
Best wishes and take care


Albatross Tour Manager - Helen

Hello Australia, Hello New Zealand!

How are you all doing in these strange and challenging times?

Usually I would be showing you around beautiful Italy in the Spring and Summer months. However I have been in lockdown in Paris for two months discovering the delights of yoga, reading, feeling nostalgic and keeping in touch with family and friends. I am not alone I am with my partner.

When this passes, myself and all my lovely colleagues at Albatross with welcome you once again back on tour and our adventures will continue and be all the more special because we will appreciate more of what we have currently lost.

So a big courageous hello from me and heartfelt wishes of well being.

Please stay safe,


Gilberto, Albatross Tour Manager

Hi Everyone

I hope to find you all well and busy.

I am Gilberto from Italy, I am well and fit, up in the Alps mountains where I live.

Despite this difficult time, we are all sensible, responsible and determined to get through and over.

Here from my heart is a fond thought of Albatross travellers. I look forward to see you and travel again together very soon.

A warm embrace, ciao





Albatross Tour Manager Maritza

Hallo Australia and New Zealand!

Travel will come back in due time and meanwhile stay happy and healthy.

We were in total quarantine in our tiny village in Austria for three weeks and I had a lot of fun thinking about new things to do every day.

This picture shows hubby and me enjoying a 'Tyrolean Evening. We were dancers and audience all in one! Hee he!

Hope to see you soon - big bear hug from the distance



Albatross Tour Manager Darren

I live alone so I was expecting lock down to be tough and lonely, however, to be honest I have not really felt that way at all. I have very kind neighbours and the couple who live in the flat downstairs have been leaving meals at my front doorstep and sending me a text to say it's waiting for me. As my neighbour is of Italian extraction you can imagine I have had some pretty tasty food from the most amazing giant meatballs to delicious stuffed peppers.
Twice a week I have been doing an online quiz, one with friends from my local pub and the other with my godson's family in London, both via zoom.
I am also travelling daily! Travelling you may ask? Yes, via google earth. Each day I pick a place I have not been to before and type in the destination and so travel virtually to some amazing destinations. Yesterday after watching a documentary on TV about a woman travelling from Marrakech to Timbuktu I decided to follow her and ended up in the Sahara desert in Mali in west Africa and then went on to Burkina Faso, Togo and Ghana, all from the comfort of my sofa.
Whilst I dearly wish I was somewhere in Europe with you all as we should have been, I am making the most of the situation and looking forward to the day when we can meet again on one of the wonderful Albatross tours.
Trust you are staying well and healthy, best wishes to you all as always.


Dear all in Australia and New Zealand,
I would like to share with you the view from my garden in Castelbrando and show you how peaceful and beautiful it is at this time of the year.
This lock down is a moment where all of us felt confused and worried, but I took it as an experience to finally find a lot of time for myself and enjoying the company of my family. 
Italy was the first place where it all happened and in just a few days our life changed completely. Now, all is fine and we are more free but we continue to follow the rules and using masks.
I live just at the bottom of Castelbrando and here it is all very quiet. We have beautiful sunny days and I am ejoying gardening and making a lot of cakes!
Hope to see you soon here again. Stay safe! 


Sunset in the UK - courtesy of Albatross Tour Manager Alexander

Dear All,

I hope you are all healthy and well.

I am sending you a quick update from the UK. I am well and I hope that we all come out of this long tunnel unscathed.

Under social distancing we are allowed one physical training exercise unit per day and I use my allowance to ride my bike here in Sussex (UK).

I thought I would share one recent memorable moment with you. I had to stop to take this picture on my way home from one of these bike rides. It must have been one of the most beautiful sunsets during my 25 years here in the UK.

I hope you will very soon be able to experience again these kind of memorable moments here in Europe as part of the Albatross family.

All the best and take care of yourselves and your loved ones - or in my mother tongue High Alemannic: Hebet Eu Sorg und bliebet gesund!




Albatross Tour Manager Eve at Home

A warm hello from my home in Andalucia, Spain to our lovely Albatross guests.

Here I’m lucky to live on a farm and in these days of confinement some of my time is used to make face masks as part of a local volunteer group.

I wish you all well and am sure that soon we’ll all be able to make those Remarkable Albatross Memories together again.

Eve x



Albatross Tour Manager Simona

This message is dedicated to all my dear friends who travelled with me last summer.
I would like to let you know that I am in good health and my family and friends are too!
We enjoy the view of the mountains not far from my house and think positive, waiting for new adventures again! Sending you all a virtual big hug.
Ciao Simona


Albatross Tour Manager Elena
Dear Travellers
There is something positive in this situation we are living: the level of pollution here in the North of Italy has dropped and nature is healing because of the lockdown. So, I have lots of lemons in my garden and I keep busy preparing Limoncello.
Promise: I will save a bottle for my next Albatross guests!



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Stay safe and keep on dreaming of travelling tomorrow!


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