Instagram Inspiration: Christmas in Europe

Can’t decide where to spend your end-of-year holidays? Escape the heat and join us in Europe! To inspire your wanderlust, we’ve sought out Instagrammers who use their photography skills to capture the beauty of winter on the Continent. From the snow-covered streets of Berlin to London’s Christmas lights, these images will allow you to discover some of Europe’s prettiest winter wonderlands on your screen, so you can begin planning your own adventure.

Cheryl Howard

Cheryl Howard, Christmas in Europe
Handle: @cherylhowardblog

Cheryl Howard is a Canadian travel blogger based in Germany. She takes photos all over Europe and North America, but her shot of Berlin on a snowy winter’s morning will have you dreaming of a white Christmas. The German capital features heavily throughout Cheryl’s account, so if you plan to visit it’s definitely worth a look.

Hint: If Berlin is on your destination wish list, our German White Christmas Tour would be a great option. This tour concludes in Munich, which is only an hour’s flight from the capital. 

Borders of Adventure

Borders of Adventure, Christmas in Europe
Handle: @bordersofadventure

This account belongs to Becki Enright, an avid Instagrammer and adventurer with a social conscience. She spent a few weeks in the Austrian state of Tyrol last winter, a region in the Alps known for heavy snowfalls and ski resorts. If your end-of-year holiday includes a visit to Austria, her photos will inspire your own sense of adventure. 

Elena Shamis

Elena Shamis, Christmas in Europe
Handle: @elensham

Taken by travel and lifestyle photographer Elena Shamis, this photo showcases London’s famous Oxford Street adorned with Christmas lights. Elena’s Instagram is essentially a love letter to London; her photos consist of a blend of the city’s iconic landmarks, everyday London life and hidden gems that only locals would know about.

Hint: Our New Year in Paris Tour concludes in London, so why not extend your holiday to truly experience the wintery beauty of this historic city? 

Nicole Hunziker

Nicole Hunziker, Christmas in Europe
Handle: @nicolehunziker

If you’re going to follow a Swiss Instagrammer, make it this one! Nicole Hunziker, an adventure and lifestyle photographer based in Bern, spends so much of her time in the Swiss Alps that nearly every photo she posts features at least a little bit of snow in it – even those taken in summer. The snaps on her account portray Switzerland as a beautiful winter wonderland, making it a great source of inspiration for anyone planning a Christmas holiday in Europe. 

Around Prague

Around Prague, Christmas in Europe
Handle: @aroundprague

This account collects the best snaps of Prague, so you can use it as a visual tour of the city. Prague’s ancient churches and gothic architecture look even more beautiful with a dusting of snow, making it a perfect winter holiday destination.

Hint: Experience picture-perfect Prague on our Bohemia and Christmas in the Tyrol Tour.

Candice Walsh

Free Candie, Christmas in Europe
Handle: @candicewalsh

When she’s not working as a freelance writer in Berlin, Candice Walsh spends most of her spare time travelling the world. From Paris to Rome to Budapest, she takes photos all over Europe, as well as in her native Canada. This shot of snow falling on Cesky Krumlov looks like something straight out of a Christmas card, demonstrating just how pretty the Czech Republic can be during the colder months of the year.

Hint: You can see similar scenes in Cesky Krumlov for yourself on our Medieval Bohemian Christmas Tour

Juan Jerez

Juan Jerez, Christmas in Europe
Handle: @juanjerez

Imagine spending the festive season in the city of love! To get in touch with your inner Parisian, be sure to check out Juan Jerez, a professional photographer who brings Paris to life via Instagram. His feed is filled with images of the French capital, along with the occasional snap of other European cities such as Venice and Athens.

Hint: Our managing director is on Instagram too. Follow him at @the_mo_albatross_tours and don’t forget to tag #AlbatrossTours when you explore Europe with us!

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