Albatross European Coach Tours Are So Very Different!

One day, over 25 years ago (whilst working for another company!), I was the Tour Manager taking a coach group through Germany into Austria. On this particular day the sky was blue, the sunshine was drenching a craggy castle above a glorious green meadow and the Bavarian Alps soared either side.

It was heavenly. Yet every passenger was fast asleep and oblivious to it all because they were all so tired. Another very long day on the coach and yet another series of all too brief one night stops had taken its predictable toll. Many years later when designing our range of unique tours I kept that experience foremost in my mind. I used it to make sure Albatross tours are distinctly different, more fulfilling and rewarding - and suited specifically for my fellow Australians and New Zealanders.

So how did we do it?

The big difference is that Albatross Tours are Australian based European groups specialists marketing escorted tours only to Australian and New Zealand travellers.  We know exactly who our clients really are so we had a good, hard look at what our market really wanted and what was missing or needed changing from the regular, conventional mainstream tour programmes.

What came out was a loud and clear message and we made sure every tour would be designed specifically with only Australians and New Zealanders in mind. We could do that because we operate our own tours from start to finish and therefore we have total control.

It was that simple!

The first things that we eliminated were all the repetitive, early morning starts, long intercity drives and predictably tiresome one night stops. We made sure there is always significantly more sightseeing time away from the coach. In fact, Albatross even print the average daily kilometres of coach travel on each tour itinerary and urge you to compare them with other products on the market place! Our clients come back saying they love the Albatross formula of touring. They relish the more leisurely pace, the 2, 3, 4 and even 7 night stops in wonderful old style hotels. They love the time they have seeing the sights for which they had travelled so far and not wasting endless hours trapped in a coach on motorways. The next thing we eliminated was all those hidden optional excursion lists and later charged, expensive extras so common elsewhere. They appreciated the fact that so much was genuinely included up front. That not only are all those special meals and excursions included but also your end of tour tips.

Finally, our group sizes are smaller. In summer we carry a maximum of only 28 passengers and over Christmas up to 40. By capping numbers, groups are more manageable and personal and we ensure there are always empty, spare seats.

Euan Landsborough – Managing Director & Tour Designer