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Christmas Yule Cake from France

Bring European treats to your table this Christmas

Why not bring a bit of Europe to your Christmas table this year? From Germany’s Stollen Christmas Cake, to England’s Mince Pies, we have some great ideas and recipes to get you started. Along the way you will also learn more about the origins of these delicious treats. Now time to get on your aprons!
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Alcazar Seville, Spain

7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit in Spain

Did you know Spain is one of the most well represented countries on the UNESCO World Heritage list with 48 sites? From the historic centre of Cordoba, the works of Gaudi in Barcelona and the paleolithic cave art in Northern Spain, travellers are spoilt with choice. No doubt all the sites are worth visiting however to make it easy for you we have selected our top 7 UNESCO World Heritage Listed sites in Spain.
Author: Michele Zavaglia
The Commitments Movie

9 Films that will transport you to Ireland

If we can’t travel to Ireland, lets experience Ireland via the movies. Here are our favourite films that capture the beauty, charm and stunning locations of Ireland including Dublin, Cork, Aran Islands and the Dingle Peninsula.
Author: Michele Zavaglia

Ten Fascinating Facts About Europe

It's time to brush up on your trivia skills and learn more about our favourite continent, Europe! Where did the name Europe come from and how many UNESCO World Heritage Sites will you find in Europe? Keep on reading to learn more!
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Albatross Travellers having fun in the snow - courtesy of Olivia Lam
Traveller Stories

Olivia's Magical White Christmas

Olivia and her partner Louis were looking forward to experiencing a white Christmas on our Alpine Adventure Christmas tour. They were blown away with the tour itinerary and included features. Olivia enjoyed the spectacular scenery, the delicious local cuisine, playing in the snow, plus the company of her fellow Albatross travellers.
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Barcelona Street Art

7 European Cities Featuring The Best Street Art

Many of Europe’s great cities have embraced street art more than ever before. Some people believe graffiti is destructive, others think it adds to a city’s character. While it is still banned in most places to post graffiti without a property owner’s permission, these 7 European cities and towns feature exciting street art displays that tend to be championed rather than opposed.
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Malena, Featuring Monica Bellucci

14 Films that will transport you to Italy

If we can’t travel to Italy, lets experience Italy via the movies. Here are our favourite films that capture the beauty, charm and stunning locations of Italy including Rome, Venice, Florence and the luscious countryside in Tuscany and Umbria.
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Albatross Travellers in Austria
Traveller Stories

Maxine's Bavarian Trip of Lifetime

Maxine travelled on our Black Forest, Bavaria and the Tyrol tour with her family. She wanted to experience a variety of cultures and sights, with this being her first trip to Europe. This tour certainly ticked off all of Maxine's boxes with the castles and the flower island of Mainau being highlights.
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Albatross travellers in Megeve, France - courtesy of Samantha Tamba
Traveller Stories

Samantha's Magical Christmas in the French Alps

Samantha and a group of friends and family decided to join our Paris, Lyon and the French Alps tour to experience the Christmas festivities and cooler weather in the French alpine region. She loved the diversity of this tour from the cities of Paris and Lyon to the snow covered mountains in Megeve.
Author: Michele Zavaglia
Albatross Traveller Kaylene with view of the Matterhorn, Switzerland
Traveller Stories

Kaylene's Scenic Alpine Adventure

Kaylene and her husband Jason loved the diversity of our Alpine Adventure tour. From the grand views from the top of the Aiguille du Midi to the stunning scenery and villages throughout the Swiss Alps, they loved the included experiences plus the time to do their own thing.
Author: Michele Zavaglia