Escorted Tours of Europe a better way to explore

A dazzling gathering of countries, each with a unique approach to architecture, cuisine, culture and life, Europe is a truly stunning tour destination. There is little wonder why thousands of travellers embark on Europe tours from Australia and New Zealand each and every year. Whether you want to experience the grandeur of the Swiss Alps, swim along Italy’s stunning coastline, relax in a traditional Spanish vineyard, or explore ageing Norman castles in Britain, there’s an Albatross Tours itinerary that will impress and delight you.



From the extravagant elegance of classical Vienna to the quaint villas and baroque-era monastery of Melk, Austria is a country filled with historic wonders and captivating sites. Every stop on a European tour of this country is accompanied by breathtaking natural scenery – majestic mountains, gorgeous lakes, and valleys occupied by luscious green forests. Austria will delight the inner architect in any traveller and have you itching for your skis or snowboard. Read more about Austria.

Hallstatt, Austria


While famous for its irresistible chocolate and belly-satisfying beers, Belgium has plenty to delight any visitor – even those who aren’t tempted by these delicious signatures of the country. Though a small nation, Belgium has a large heart embodied by the cheerful and welcoming attitude of its people. When you’re not exploring historic cities and sites that have deep connections to the two World Wars, take a moment to admire the picturesque scenery and charming buildings. Read more about Belgium.


Stunning highlands, exciting cities, glorious lakes, and medieval monuments all combine to make Britain one of the continent’s most essential bucket-list destinations. Experience the wonders of the Trossachs National Park in Scotland, explore the quaint villages and photogenic farms of the Cotswolds in England, and immerse yourself in the thriving markets of Trefynwy (or Monmouth) in Wales. With modern metropolises one day and old-fashioned countryside cottages the next, you can easily forget which year it is in Britain. Read more about Britain.

The Cotswolds, Britain



The striking coastlines might be the most initially inviting aspect of Croatia, but it’s the country’s charm, culture, and diverse natural scenery that make visitors wish they could stay forever. From the trademark terracotta-roofed towns to the portside cities with spectacular views of the glistening Adriatic Sea, every moment in Croatia feels like a scene worthy of capturing and turning into a postcard. This nation certainly deserves consideration from those planning a relaxing and memorable tour in Europe. Read more about Croatia.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Czech Republic

As with many of the countries you might traverse on a Europe tour, the Czech Republic’s key attraction is its eventful and fascinating history. With a diverse past and a unique blend of cultures – particularly German, Italian and French – this country has a distinct charm that brings travellers back time after time. The capital city of Prague is a highlight, featuring medieval architecture and a rustic feel that will make you wonder if you’ve stepped straight into a fairy tale. Read more about the Czech Republic.

Prague, Czech Republic


A timelessly adored tourist destination, France is a country filled with amazing works of art – some crafted by legendary creative minds and others formed by Mother Nature herself. Opportunities for romance abound here, from the inspiring iconic sites of Paris to the casual charm of Amboise, Sarlat-la-Canéda, and the many quaint towns of the picturesque countryside. Every meal break between treating your eyes is a chance to treat your tastebuds to the famous feasts of French cuisine. Read more about France.

Chateau de Chambord, Loire Valley - Copyright MDLF, Léonard de Serres


Home to countless wonders – both manmade and natural – Germany is an utter delight to visit as part of a Europe tour. The high-spirited culture of the citizens is as infectious as the local dishes are delicious. Don’t hesitate to consume your fair share of sausages, schnitzel, and apple strudel; you’ll need the extra energy for admiring and exploring the plethora of scenic sights Germany has to offer, including the enchanting Black Forest. Read more about Germany.

Linderhof Palace, Germany


From stone forts and classic castles to hills of green that roll away as far as the eye can see, Ireland is home to many stunning landscapes and historic sites. Enjoy the famed hospitality of the Irish while dining in cosy pubs and drinking in acclaimed bars – this country is a particular paradise for beer connoisseurs. Dublin, Cork, Killarney, Galway, and Belfast all have their own unique drawcards, making it almost impossible for travellers here to choose a favourite stop. Read more about Ireland.

Cobh, Ireland


Italy is one of Europe’s most loved holiday destinations – and for good reason! As diverse as it is beautiful, this boot-shaped country gives every visitor a taste of la dolce vita. Acclaimed cuisine, breathtaking scenery, a rich history, and a culture characterised by passion all play a part in making any tour in Italy an unforgettable experience. Lose yourself in the stunning cities of Venice and Florence, see the nation’s iconic landmarks, and fall in love with quietly charming towns. Read more about Italy.

Venice, Italy


With its incredibly vibrant culture, Portugal provides a fantastic holiday experience for foodies, music lovers, history buffs, and everyone who fits in any combination of these categories (or even none of them!). Enjoy the attractions of Lisbon and Porto, but save plenty of your fascination for some of the country’s less frequented sites, including the northern city of Guimarães, the 14th-century town of Évora, and the World Heritage-listed mountaintop town of Sintra. Read more about Portugal.

Porto, Portugal


Europe tours that feature Scotland on the itinerary promise travellers a healthy mix of thriving city life and charming villages. There’s plenty to love about the capital; Edinburgh is a bustling and friendly metropolis where you can sample some of the best whiskey in the world. Your tour will also take you to some of Scotland’s most attractive sites, including Glasgow, the Trossachs, and Stirling Castle. Expect plenty of lakes and lovely green scenery in between stops! Read more about Scotland.

Edinburgh, Scotland


Make sure there is plenty of storage space free on your camera or smartphone before embarking on a tour in Slovenia – you’ll be taking plenty of beautiful photographs. From the scrumptious food to the intriguing buildings, many things here will remind you of the nations this country shares a border with: Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. However, Slovenia has a charm, culture, and collection of glorious natural scenery that is very much its own. Read more about Slovenia.



Spain is the perfect destination for the passionate traveller. As colourful as it is lively, this country switches effortlessly between impressing you with its feats of city architecture and making you want to celebrate, sing, and dance. Sample some wonderful wines, admire famous artworks, binge on tantalising tapas, or just wander aimlessly through the cobblestone streets of a peaceful village. ‘No stress’ is the name of the game when touring Spain. Read more about Spain.

Alhambra Palace, Spain


In Switzerland, cuteness meets extravagance, contemporary meets traditional, and mountain peaks meet the sky. Discover the ski resorts and alp-side chalets this contemporary country is famous for while also experiencing the many other factors that make this such a wonderful place for a holiday. You’ll be spending time with bell-wearing cattle on a quaint farmstead one hour and warming up with a hot chocolate in a swish Swiss café the next. Read more about Switzerland.



Our Most Popular European Tours

La Grande France

16 days from $7,389 pp twin share

Discover the glorious chateau of the Loire Valley, cruise the river Dordogne and Canal Du Midi, visit Carcassonne, explore Provence and the Cote d'Azur, plus more! 

  • Leisurely 3 night stays 
  • Small group tours, maximum 28
  • $1,600 included extras, no optionals
  • Character hotels in superb locations

The Ireland Connection

14 days from $5,989 pp twin share

Discover the fascinating story of the mass emigration of the Irish to Australia.  Includes visits to Blarney Castle, Aran Islands, Giant's Causeway, Newgrange Tombs, plus more! 

  • Leisurely 2 & 3 night stays 
  • Small group tours, maximum 28
  • $1,400 included extras, no optionals
  • Character hotels in superb locations

Best of British

16 days from $7,239 pp twin share

We take the time to do Britain justice... from Stonehenge to the 'bravehearts of Scotland' and Tintern Abbey. Explore Oxford, Warwick Castle, stay at Leeds Castle, plus more!

  • Leisurely 2, 3 & 4 night stays
  • Small group tours, maximum 28
  • $1,600 included extras, no optionals
  • Character hotels in superb locations

Croatia & the Adriatic

13 days from $4,989 pp twin share

Commencing in Trogir, visit Krka National Park, Split, the island of Hvar, the walled city of Ston, the lovingly re-built Mostar, Sarajevo with the final 4 nights in Dubrovnik. 

  • Leisurely 2, 3 and 4 night stays
  • Small group tours, maximum 28
  • $1,300 included extras, no optionals
  • Authentic hotels in superb locations

Italy, the Deep South & Sicily

17 days only $7,889 pp twin share

Stay in the Trulli cottages of Alberobello, the beautifully restored 'Sassi' caves of ancient Matera and explore the best of Sicily including Mount Etna, plus more!
  • Leisurely 2, 3 and 4 night stays
  • Small group tours, maximum 28
  • $1,700 included extras, no optionals
  • Character hotels in superb locations

Magnifico Spain & Portugal

18 days only $8,179 pp twin share

Explore Granada, Ronda, Seville, Lisbon, Porto, Salamanca, Segovia and Toledo. Visit Alhambra Palace, Jeronimos Monastery, Bom Jesus Sanctuary, plus more!

  • Leisurely 2 and 3 night stays
  • Small group tours, maximum 28
  • $1,800 included extras, no optionals
  • Character hotels in superb locations