Longer stays are essential to your enjoyment

Relaxing 2, 3, 4 and even up to 7 night stays

Our tours are designed with a leisurely pace featuring 3, 4 and even 5 night stays in each captivating city or region. We consider 2 nights stays to be the absolute minimum!

Let’s face it nobody likes continuously checking in and out of hotels, unpacking their bags each evening, and then having to re-pack them again early the next morning. So, relax with Albatross Tours and enjoy your holiday.

Your days are easy

With our leisurely style of hub and spoke touring, we include more of the most essential element of your holiday – time! Since you are not constantly rushing to get to your next destination, Albatross can specifically plan and factor in your included excursions and sightseeing highlights. Whether it be cruising across Lake Como or taking a fantastic cable car up to the top of the Alps we always have time on our side, so we can make sure to do them properly. Plus we also allow time for you to do what pleases you. We call this ‘My Time’.

The pace is always relaxed

Since you are not constantly changing hotels, or travelling long distances each day, early morning departures are extremely rare. And, as a bonus you will usually spend lunchtimes in charming towns and villages – not at uninspiring motorway service stops!

You deserve more than just photos

On many other tours of Europe, with their regular 1 or 2 night stops and repetitive long drives, you may snap some great photos, but that is just about all you will get! You lose precious time packing and unpacking your luggage daily, waiting for luggage to be handled, checking in and out, settling bills, loading coaches, losing shoes and toothbrushes… the list goes on. That is exhausting, and is a waste of your precious time. Crazy! Wouldn’t you rather stay longer, enjoy leisurely breakfasts, explore more, see more, experience more, yet still have time to enjoy lunchtime in a trattoria – ‘people watching’… rather than ‘clock watching’! There is a massive difference in the way Albatross do things!