'My Time' guaranteed!

Albatross Tours understands the importance of having free time when travelling to relax and explore at your own pace, which is why we have incorporated 'My Time' on all of our itineraries. Time to immerse yourself in each destination, perhaps to window shop, wander the streets of delightful towns and villages, or mingle with the locals at a café.

How important is it to you?

Because we feature longer stays on all our itineraries, you are guaranteed to enjoy ‘My Time’ on every Albatross tour. We have designed our holidays to ensure adequate, well planned ‘free time’. That is the Albatross difference.

It’s about balance

Beautifully balanced itineraries with a unique range of quality sightseeing and excursions, plus planned leisure time for you to relax and discover hidden delights at your own pace. On an Albatross tour, exciting activities are always included and time is set aside to do them properly. When you have your free time, it stays exactly that – free to do as you please!

Make the most of your ‘My Time’

‘My Time’ ensures you will experience and enjoy so many benefits of travelling with Albatross Tours.

  • Late starts – Sleep in or take a morning stroll before enjoying a leisurely breakfast.
  • Free evenings – Whilst we include many, we don’t include every dinner so you will have some nights free to do your own thing. Find that romantic trattoria in the gorgeous Umbrian town of Spoleto, or taste the flavours of famous tapas bars in Northern Spain when wandering the streets of San Sebastian.
  • Relaxing afternoons – There is no need to rush back to the coach. Enjoy a long lunch then go and visit a local art gallery. Or maybe squeeze in a bit of shopping!
  • Days at leisure – Many Albatross tours feature a free day for you to do as much or as little as you please. Your expert Tour Manager will be on hand to give you advice, recommendations, or provide directions for you.
Message from the Mo

We will never steal from your free time

I know from experience that, whilst travelling, it is essential you have enough free time to relax, explore or simply ‘do your own thing’. Optional sightseeing so commonly offered elsewhere can only steal from your free time. Another reason why we do not offer them! Our noticeably longer stays and already included sightseeing and activities guarantee that your essential, relaxing free time remains completely untouched. Perfect for you to properly enjoy and savour each wonderful destination. You might only travel this way once. With Albatross Tours you will know you’ve made the most of every precious moment.