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How to Plan a European Holiday | Albatross Tours

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Planning a Europe trip? A little preparation can go a long way to ensuring a brilliant holiday. Read our guide to get ready for your time abroad.


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Castles Christmas and Kranskies | Albatross Tours

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Spending Christmas in a European castle really is a magical experience. When that castle is a 2,000-year-old castle in the Dolomite foothills, all bets are off.

Author: Albatross Traveller

Ten Fascinating Facts About Europe | Albatross Tours

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It's time to brush up on your trivia skills and learn more about our favourite continent, Europe!


Maxine's Bavarian Trip of Lifetime | Albatross Tours

Black ForestGermanyTraveller Stories

Maxine travelled on our Black Forest, Bavaria and the Tyrol tour with her family. She wanted to experience a variety of cultures and sights and this tour ticked a lot of her boxes!


17 Films that will transport you to France


If we can’t travel to France, lets experience France via the movies.


Top Christmas Market Tours | Albatross Tours

ChristmasChristmas Markets

A Christmas market tour is just one of the idyllic ways to spend your days and nights on a European winter holiday – through cities like Frankfurt, Munich and Milan.


Christmas in an Alpine Wonderland | Albatross Tours

SwitzerlandTraveller StoriesChristmas

Carol and her husband decided to experience the Christmas winter wonderland once again on the Alpine Christmas Adventure.

Author: Albatross Traveller