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How to Plan a European Holiday | Albatross Tours

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Planning a Europe trip? A little preparation can go a long way to ensuring a brilliant holiday. Read our guide to get ready for your time abroad.


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Traveller Story Carole's Festive Adventures | Albatross Tours

ChristmasChristmas MarketsSwitzerlandGermanyNew YearAustriaTraveller Stories

Carole decided to experience all that the festive season has to offer by travelling on not one but three Albatross Tours!

Author: Albatross Traveller

Traveller Story: Happy New Year in Germany

GermanyNew YearTraveller Stories

Susan spent the New Year in a part of Germany that she had not explored. Her New Years was shared with other travellers on A Bavarian Fairytale New Year Tour.

Author: Albatross Traveller

Traveller Story: The Hills Were Alive at New Years

AustriaNew Year

A really good New Year is not just about where you are and what you are drinking as the clock strikes midnight

Author: Albatross Traveller

Celebrate the New Year in Europe | Albatross Tours

New YearItaly

Kicking off the new year in a different country can allow you to immerse yourself in different cultures, try out new cuisines and have a fun time celebrating.