Traveller Story: Lynsey's Bucket List Adventure in Scandinavia

Albatross Travellers on Snow Shoe Walk


Lynsey Harland

What tour did you travel on?


Why did you select this particular tour?

It was so far from anything I'd ever experienced before. I wanted a real winter adventure and this tour ticked all of my boxes - including the opportunity to stay in the Ice Hotel.

Lynsey and friend at the bar at the Ice Hotel

Who did you travel with?

With a friend.

What was your favourite place/s on your Albatross tour?

There are many.
The Santa Claus Village is magical and a must for any Christmas fans like me. You can send a postcard home to arrive in time for next Christmas postmarked Santa's Post Office!
I loved, loved the accommodation in Kemi. Our little cube of happiness set beside the frozen Baltic.

Kemi Glass Villa

What was the most amazing thing you saw or did on your Albatross tour?

The Northern Lights has to be right up there. Seeing those green lights dancing across the night sky is something I'll never forget!

Tell us about your most memorable moment on tour?

Again, there are so many. Sleeping in an icy bed, snow shoe walking (or falling in my case!) or riding a snow mobile through the night time forest.
Snow ski ride
But the most memorable for me was the Ice Breaker. What a treat.
Being on deck watching the icy sheets below crack and slowly drift apart as our ship ploughs on through to our icy watering hole.
Kemi Icebreaker Ship
This is just the tip of the iceberg though!  Below deck, you don a flotation suit and head out on the ice for a dip in the frozen, black Baltic sea. It's exhilarating, exciting and a little bit scary all at the same time....and you look a bit like a big red Teletubbie!
Afterwards, and dressed again in your own clothes, you can walk on the ice alongside the Ice Breaker ship. It’s incredible. You're actually walking on the sea! We were lucky to be on the ice as the sun was setting. It doesn't get better than that.
Albatross travellers floating in the Baltic Sea - courtesy of Megan Thackray

What was your favourite meal on tour?

Food on this tour wasn't a focus for me. It was more about the experience and activities.

Like eating in an ice restaurant or sharing a big pot of warming stew in a wooden hut deep in the forest, listening to folklore stories, those are the things I remember and enjoyed.
Oh, and the marinated reindeer fillet was pretty good too!
Reindeer Sleigh with Albatross Travellers

What advice do you have for anyone interested in travelling on this tour?

Do it. Just go, and wear warm socks!

Would you recommend this tour to family and friends?

Absolutely yes. This is bucket list stuff.  A whole new adventure waiting to be explored with new found friends.
Ice Bar in Kemi

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