Mystery Tour 2019

Day 1

The Mystery Tour begins!

The first time we officially meet is the evening of 1st June in Hotel Victoria, Rome. Our Mystery Tour travellers will mingle over a welcome drink and dinner and the guesses can start as to where the tour will be travelling to.

Many travellers, around 30, are catching up earlier in the day at the Colonna Palazzo to enjoy a guided tour through the utterly magnificent private Palace which is filled with amazing artworks. The famous 500 year old Gallery is so pretty, and was used in the film Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Take a moment and have a look at the pictures at

We have some exciting days ahead of us, and on the first night over dinner some, just some, of the Mystery will be revealed.

What fun!


Check back from the 1st June for more Mystery Tour updates.

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Julia Austin

Julia Austin is the Marketing Executive at Albatross Tours