Oberammergau Passion Play 2020

In 2020 Albatross Tours will once again offer a complete and expanded programme of European touring packages to take in the 2020 Oberammergau Passion Play. Following our outstanding success handling the 2010 Passion Play season, we will once again be offering a wide choice of unique European escorted touring programmes with multiple weekly departures throughout the ‘Passion Play’ months between May and October.

Without exception, we will be including:

  • Two nights’ first class accommodation 
  • Premium Seating Category 1 ‘best in house’ seating for all the Passion Play performances.

Tours will range from 6 to 21 days in length and group sizes will be smaller and more intimate - with only between 10 and 28 people!

Touring will of course be first class, and our itineraries will have that special Albatross touch - a more leisurely pace, longer stays and so much more sightseeing. As usual, they will be genuinely more inclusive having been designed specifically for like-minded Australian and New Zealand travellers.

Why Albatross Tours?

We are European touring specialists. We focus on Europe, just Europe, only Europe. We are Australian based (Brisbane) and all our tours are specifically designed to suit like-minded Australians and New Zealanders. That’s you! Our tours are genuinely different and we are proven special events specialists. Just take a look at the style of our Christmas and Summer touring programmes! We have the experience. Operating successfully for well over 20 years, this will be the third Oberammergau Passion Play series we have operated.

About the Passion Play

The Passion Play origins date back to 1633, when the community of Oberammergau found itself under threat from the Bubonic plague – the town pledged that if God were to spare them death, they would perform a play each decade to celebrate the life and death of Jesus. Thankfully the vow appeared to work, and as a result the locals were true to their promise – the very first play happened during Pentecost in 1634, where a stage was erected in the local cemetery. Nowadays the performances take place on a much larger scale, with over 2000 of the village’s residents working together to ensure the spectacle honours the vow of their ancestors. Such is the dedication of the residents, all male actors performing in the plays take part in a “Hair Decree”– from Ash Wednesday in 2019, all men are requested to let the hair on their heads and face grow to ensure they have an authentic look in time for 2020!

Pre-register NOW

This is a ‘one in ten year’ event. Worldwide demand will be huge and spaces are obviously limited. That is why you need to register now. It is free and totally without obligation. Registration enables you to receive pre-release information, well before actual tour programmes and schedule dates are formally released. You can register for information, individual spaces and of course we are specialists in handling small and medium sized group allocations.

How do I register?

Contact us to pre-register for our Oberammergau 2020 tour programme.