Is there an admission control?

Before you enter the Passion Play Theatre area there will be admission controls. Bag and body checks may be carried out as part of the admission checks. These are to be tolerated to an appropriate extent.


Information regarding clothing

Please note that the Passion Play Theatre is an open-air stage with roofed seats. Therefore, please wear seasonal comfortable and weather-depending clothing. Wardrobe can be left in a baggage drop-off point on site. (see map). Blankets will be provided for you on site.


Prohibited Objects

The following objects are not permitted in the event venue (theatre):

  • Food and beverages more than 0,5 litre
  • Bags exceeding the size of an A4 (210 × 297 mm 81⁄4 × 1117⁄24 in) 
  • Other objects (such as walking sticks, umbrellas, etc.)
  • Pyrotechnic material
  • Weapons and other dangerous objects

Only resealable beverage bottles made of shatterproof material up to 0,5 litre (no glass bottles) and mini umbrellas may be taken into the theatre. Prohibited objects can be deposited in a baggage drop-off point on site. (see map).  During performances any electronic devices (e.g., mobile phone, smartphone) must be set up in such a way that they do not interfere with the performance by sound, vibration, or light signals (airplane mode).


Walking aids for disabled person

The parking of walkers is not permitted in the theatre for safety reasons. These can be parked in designated areas outside the theatre. No liability will be assumed for parked items. Walking sticks, crutches and canes for the blind are, of course, permitted throughout the event area, including the theatre. Due to the confines of the theatre, we have created holders throughout the theatre where assistive devices can be safely stowed during the performance. Our admissions staff will be happy to do this for you and bring your assistive device to your seat at the end of the performance and during intermission. A limited number of wheelchair spaces are available. Unfortunately, wheelchair rental is no longer possible for liability reasons.


Sound, film, photo and video recording

Sound, film, photo and video recordings of any kind are prohibited at the venue for copyright reasons. Recording equipment and cameras of any kind brought along must be returned to the baggage drop-off points for storage for a fee.


Induction system for people with hearing aids

An induction loop for the hearing impaired is available.



Smoking is forbidden in the theatre.


What does the Passion Play Dinner include?

  • Appetizer
  • Choice between one of the following main courses:

1 course with meat
1 course with meat or fish
1 vegetarian course

  • Dessert


Where does the Passion Play Dinner for the arrangements take place during the break?

  • Dinner times from May 14th until August 14th 2022: 5 pm until 8 pm
  • Dinner time from August 15th until October 2nd 2022: 4 pm until 7 pm

Your Tour Manager will advise you on the day of your final dinner arrangements.  Please note, as part of your Traveller Information Form, your dietary requirements and food intolerances have been noted and shared with your Tour Manager.  If these have changed, please contact our European tour specialists on 1300 135 015 (NZ 0800 446 232) as soon as possible. Any changes to dietary requirements advised whilst on tour may not be able to be accommodated.


Where can I get general information regarding Oberammergau and the area?

Tourist Information Oberammergau
Eugen-Papst-Str. 9a, 82487 Oberammergau