Where you stay is important

Unique hotels, superb locations

Picture yourself relaxing on the geranium-trimmed balcony of a family run Gasthof, or waking up in a stunning palace hotel In addition to centrally located city hotels, we believe your European experience should be enhanced with memorable stays in unique hotels, steeped in local character. So, in Italy you’ll sleep in a grand villa or a beautifully renovated ‘Sassi’ cave, in France in a 16th century château and our ‘Best of British’ tour culminates in the exclusive use of magnificent Leeds Castle.

Leeds Castle, Britain


Comfort guaranteed

You may be staying in historic buildings but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. Our small group sizes mean we can handpick modestly sized hotels that still meet our exacting standards. Imagine coming home telling tales of waking up in a 500-year-old inn or a 13th century castle. Every room in your hotel could well be different, but all have quality private facilities. 

“It has been great to stay in lovely hotels for an extended period. Not having to pack and unpack everyday has been marvellous.”
Andrea & Hans


Su Gologone Hotel, Sardinia

Friendly locals

Many of our selected properties have been family owned for generations. How nice is it to be personally welcomed by the hotel owners who take pride in their property and what they offer? Efficient check-ins and porterage are provided at every stop, so all you need to worry about is enjoying the rich diversity of your surroundings. And, as two night stays are a minimum on our tours, you won’t be packing and unpacking every day!


Message from the Mo

Our hotels have memories

George Bernard Shaw once said, “I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad.” Mr Shaw, you were so right. This makes so much sense, so where possible, we purposefully avoid those large, impersonal, international chain hotels cloned around the world. They have so little character, no uniqueness, depth or history. The only ‘memory’ these hotels have is the last corporate conference staged there. Waking up, you could be anywhere, so why on earth would we want to stay in one of those? We choose our hotels because they have ‘memories’. So, when you stay there, you can add those memories to yours, making your holiday experiences so much richer.