Our unique style of touring

Tours designed to suit you

Each and every one of our tours have been designed specially for you – Australians and New Zealanders. Like-minded travellers, like you, seeking a more fulfilling European holiday experience. We understand you want more from an escorted tour than a few hurried, all too brief visits to the destinations you have travelled so far to see. Which is why we have developed our hub and spoke style touring.


Why our hub and spoke touring style works

Our hub and spoke style of touring ensures your days are easier and more enjoyable. We usually settle in to a charming hotel for 3, 4 or even 5 nights and take day trips out to explore the local region. This allows you to experience a variety of exciting excursions and activities. Not just the usual highlights, but also many more, unique, authentic, regional experiences, often well away from the bustling tourist crowds. Best of all, it also means we can factor in genuine, essential leisure time for you - ‘My Time’!


The benefits of our style of touring

  • More time for local sightseeing
  • No packing and unpacking suitcases every day
  • No waiting on others as they pay their bar bills
  • Stay in specially selected character hotels and get to know the locals
  • Have time to do your laundry and know that before you move on it will be dry
  • Enjoy time to relax instead of having to constantly lug your suitcase in and out of rooms
  • Have time to get to know the local bars and restaurants and be able to choose one that suits you
  • Get beneath the tourist veneer and genuinely explore each region
  • Enjoy ‘My Time’ to feel the ambience and flavours of each region
  • Look forward to enjoying full day excursions knowing you will come back to your hotel room and your clothes are already unpacked!


Message from the Mo

Our tours are to be enjoyed not endured!

Thirty years ago, I was a Tour Manager (working for global tour company) on a coach heading into Austria. The sky was blue, the sunshine was drenching the glorious green meadows and the Bavarian mountains soared either side. It was heavenly! Yet every single person on that coach was fast asleep and oblivious to the surrounding beauty because they were all so tired. It was yet another very long day on the coach, after another early start and an all too rushed one night stay. To me, it felt so wrong, and what is so sad is that those same, horrifically tiring style of itineraries are still so common. I learnt a big lesson that day which drives me to continue to improve our tours. You see, I believe tours should be enjoyed and not endured. That is why Albatross avoids 1 night ‘mad dash’ stops, and aim for more 3 and 4 night stays which enable us to plan a healthy balance of terrific sightseeing along with satisfying and necessary leisure time. Our hub and spoke style of touring really works!