Belgium is a small country, famous for the unpretentious nature of its local people, an abundance of hearty food and drink, including its world-class chocolate, and historic cities. Belgium’s flat countryside produces the hops for the robust Belgium beers that are loved world over, and was the site of many terrible Great War conflicts.

Albatross Tours has a number of exciting tours of Belgium that explore the picturesque cities and soak up the idiosyncratic culture. Given Belgium’s importance in the Great War, our Belgium tour itineraries include a number of significant WWI sites particularly around the Ypres region.

Belgium Tours

Belgium & Holland, Cobblestones
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10 Wonderful Days

From medieval towns to quaint cobblestoned villages, delve deeper to discover the hidden treasures of Belgium and Holland.

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Belgium Highlights




Ghent is one of Belgium’s oldest cities, meaning it’s a brilliant place to visit for those that are after a traditional, authentic experience. The city is geographically small, but due to the large youth and student population, there’s a vibrant scene of cafes, restaurants, nightlife and cultural activities. The remnants of the industrial age are strong here, with many areas undergoing urban renewal to be transformed into fun, funky and hip entertainment areas.


Ghent, similar to many cities in Belgium, is built on a system of beautiful canals that wind their way through the city streets. Take a riverboat tour of the canals to see Ghent from a different (and definitely delightful) view.


Art enthusiasts will feel right at home here, with the many art museums housing famous works of art such as ‘The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’. This representation of medieval religious thinking was created in 1432, drawing visitors from all across the world. It’s magnificent 20 panels of work are truly an unforgettable sight to behold. 


The Gravensteen is a sight in Ghent that history buffs will love. This quintessential 12th-century stone castle was converted into a cotton mill in the 19th century, and has since been restored as a major tourist attraction housing suits of armour, guillotines and torture devices from the medieval era.




Brussels is a city built on multiculturalism and diversity, and is a fantastic place to visit for fans of quirky architecture, brilliant food and authentic cosmopolitan European culture.


The architecture is Brussels is an interesting mix of art deco facades, 1960s concrete developments, regal 19th century mansions and the EU’s Gotham City. Built in the Medieval Era, Brussels’ ‘Grand Place’ is at the heart of the entire city, embracing an art nouveau style and attracting visitors from all over the world. A walking tour through the Grand Place is the best way to experience the marvel of this area of town.


Brussels is filled with contemporary art galleries, and you won’t have to stroll around for long before you come across one. There’s something for every art-lover in Brussels, with many of the public spaces (like skating rinks, the Citroen garage and industrial buildings) being converted to showcasing funky, modern art - as well as the classics, of course. 


A particularly interesting neighbourhood in Brussels is ‘The Marolles’, a previously working-class neighbourhood that’s now home to intimate, cosy restaurants, interior design shops and boutiques selling traditional Dutch knick knacks. Window shop the area as you indulge in some frites (fries) and mayonnaise, a classic waffle cone or even the quintessential Dutch poffertjes (pancakes).